Audio Visual

Make movie night something extraordinary, or fill your home with high-quality music. Advanced Smart Homes makes it easy to get a comprehensive home entertainment solution. Our audio visual services help every home owner in Townsville and across Northern Queensland make even the most relaxed evening of TV a real joy. With a full-suite of automation and specialist design services, we make it easy to create the experience you want.

Home Cinema

Have the full cinema experience in your lounge room. Our home cinema services let you immerse yourself in your favourite TV show, sports match, movie or video game, getting more out of every second. To truly enjoy your favourite entertainment, you need more than a big TV and a surround sound system. We take a comprehensive approach to your home cinema, bringing together everything from seating to lighting, air conditioning, entries and exits and more, ensuring that every aspect of your watching experience is perfect. We can also engineer your theatre to optimise room acoustics and video reproduction, delivering the ultimate in-home theatre experience.

Multi room audio

Have your favourite song follow you wherever you go. One of the most popular options Advanced Smart Homes offers is our multi-room audio solutions, covering everything from outdoor speakers for al fresco dining areas, to hidden sound systems covering the entire house. Any music lover will adore the ease and accessibility of our systems.

Video distribution

With so many new devices coming out every year, it can be hard for consumers to keep with all the ways they can watch their favourite shows and movies. Jumps from analogue to digital, digital to HD and then onwards to 3D, 4K and 4K HDR mean that it’s never been more difficult to build the home entertainment system you want. Our video distribution services allow you to centralise devices such as Foxtel boxes, Apple TVs, Blu-ray players and more, piping the output to whatever TV suits you. Control them from anywhere with our intelligent set-ups. With the right cabling, upgrading your system is an absolute snap.