Commercial & Boardroom AV Installations

Transform the way you hold meetings. Advanced Smart Homes extends our expertise to commercial installations, helping businesses throughout Townsville and across northern Queensland work smarter, not harder. When you’re looking for a way to cut inefficiencies and impress your customers, there’s no better way than with our help.

We know businesses – and boardrooms – come in all shapes and sizes, so we offer services to suit every business and every budget. From simple projector installations to comprehensive automation systems that put the room at your fingertips, we provide it all at diverse price-points to better suit your organisation. Make the right choice for your business and talk to the team at Advanced Smart Homes about how we could help you.

Enhancing your company

Impress your clients and make your workforce more productive with our help. Advanced Smart Homes can build automation systems allowing you to close blinds, dim lights, activate climate control and control the volume and input of your projector and sound system, all from one device. No more losing 10 minutes as everyone gets settled and the room is organised, just walk in and – at the touch of a button – make the place yours.

We’ve completed commercial projects of all shapes and sizes, working with organisations from small start-ups to large institutions such as James Cook University to develop cutting-edge automation solutions. Our full range of residential services are available for our commercial customers – transform your lobby or meeting area with a fully remote-controlled videowall, control doors and CCTV through a comprehensive security system, or pipe music throughout your property with our help.

Our automation systems can be programmed with convenient pre-sets, allowing you to find out exactly how you like the space and return to it with a single button press time after time. Make a real impression on your guests with our automation system and show that you’re a modern, forward-looking company with help from Advanced Smart Homes.

Make your business all it can be

In a fast-paced industry, our company prides itself on being agile. Bringing years of experience in the field to every project, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways that we can better serve our customers, delivering the comprehensive range of services they need to achieve their vision for their property.

Discuss your boardroom installation needs with our team today and find out why we’re a favourite of businesses across Townsville and northern Queensland.