Home Theatre Systems

Make your entertainment something special. If you’re a keen football fan, a film buff or a habitual TV binger, a professionally installed home theatre is a must. Advanced Smart Homes is ready to help take you further, offering a range of home theatre automation installation services, so you can tailor every aspect of your viewing experience further.

Whether you’re building a true cinema experience in your home or just want to make your lounge TV a bit more customisable, we have the solution for you. We offer our services at diverse price-points, ensuring that everyone finds a product that fits their need and their budget. Discuss your dream home theatre with our team today and start designing it with us.

Taking you further

While the most commonly considered parts of any home theatre are obviously the audio and visual aspects, there’s much more that goes into creating the perfect cinema experience than just great surround sound and picture-perfect visuals. Our professional designers take into account everything when building your home cinema, looking to give you the best possible experience through the perfect seating, lighting, climate control and entries and exits, so you can truly immerse yourself in the experience. We are experts in acoustic and video design, ensuring the crystal-clear visuals and crisp, rich audio.

With extensive experience in the design and installation of home theatres, we have the skills and knowledge Townsville needs to get the best from their existing entertainment system. Discover how good something as simple as a bit of after work television or that big sporting game could be with our help, delivering an experience that has you immersed and engaged with every second of footage.

The smarter choice

Start a conversation with the team at Advanced Smart Homes and get the very best for your space. Call us today on 0467 483 719 or send us your questions via our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.