Lighting Control Systems in Townsville
Lighting control

The lighting control system is heart of a smart home. Most automated sequences will generally include interaction with the lighting system in some way. Lighting control offers so much more than just lighting though, blinds, fans, air-cons, and gates can all be controlled by the lighting system. With this in mind the lighting control is perfectly placed for energy efficiency. Ensuring your lights are off when a room is vacant, turning off all your lighting and cooling when you leave home, managing the light and heat into the home are a few real world examples of how a lighting system can reduce energy consumption.

Lighting control also can provide you with customised scenes. Blinds closed, air conditioning on, and lights off for watching a movie. Carefully selected, low dimmed lights late at night to allow access without waking the family. All external lighting on when the alarm is activated. A lighting system gives you additional control over your home, customised scene control that interacts intuitively is what make it smart.