Home Security Cameras & Access Control

Smart homes aren’t just for fun. The right system can make you aware of threats to your property and to your family, keeping the people and things that are special to you safe. At Advanced Smart Homes, we’ve designed comprehensive home security systems for properties of every size, incorporating the latest technology and the most cutting-edge techniques to achieve exceptional results.

More than anything, our services offer peace of mind. Know that no matter how far from your home you are, you’re protected. Many of our more advanced systems also offer remote viewing, allowing you to check up on how things are going even when you’re on the other side of the world. Wherever you are in Northern Queensland, live safer with help from our team and contact us at our Townsville office today.

Security & Access Control Systems in Townsville
Security & access control

Once only for the very wealthy, sophisticated security systems are becoming more readily available for home-owners on every budget. Our team can offer systems to suit all needs, from simpler systems that deter intruders and alert you of their presence to more complex units that offer additional features. Many of our units can turn on lights and shut down power to a garage roller when the alarm is triggered, as well as letting you control locks and view video intercoms via your phone from anywhere in the world. We can also provide easy access systems, allowing you to enter gates and doors using either a keycode or an RFID tag, making getting home simpler and easier.


Installing CCTV cameras outside your house not only gives you a record of any break-in attempt, it also acts a visual deterrent for any would-be burglars. Our state-of-the-art, internet-enabled systems allow you to view a live feed from the cameras wherever you are in the world on any smart phone, tablet or computer, as well as review recordings at a later date. Combined with our video distribution services, you’ll be able to view footage from your cameras on any TV in the house.

CCTV Installation in Townsville