Projector & TV Installation & Calibration

Get the best from your television. Advanced Smart Homes offers comprehensive TV installation and OLED calibration services, helping to ensure that your TV is perfectly positioned. The right viewing experience starts with a properly positioned TV, so ensure that you’re seeing all you can with our help.

Whether you’ve got a 150-inch projector screen or a more modest 40-inch unit, we can help you get the very best from it. Our installation and OLED calibration services are competitively priced and delivered by the same expert technicians as the rest of our offering, ensuring that every project is a complete success. Do more with the entertainment devices you already have and work with the team at Advanced Smart Homes today.

Getting the most from your unit

Properly positioning your display can have a huge impact on your viewing experience. Seating position, natural and artificial light will all have a significant impact on your picture. Each individual television and projector has an optimum position and environment, as well as calibration method, that allows you to make full use of its colour palette and blacks. Our team are highly experienced at determining the perfect position for your unit, ensuring that every image is sharp and beautiful, whether you’re watching sport, television or movies.

With new technology comes new challenges. OLED is an exciting development in screen technology, delivering more vivid colours and deeper blacks than standard light-emitting diodes. To get the most from your new screen, you need professional help. Advanced Smart Homes are proud to be one of the few businesses in Queensland – and the only one north of Brisbane – that can provide this cutting edge service. Fully certified by Imaging Science Foundation – global leaders in the field of display calibration and video standards – we deliver a superior quality service that ensures that your new OLED screen is looking sharp and beautiful.

We make it easy to make your theatre neat and orderly place. Our technicians can give you all the latest tech without having to see or hear anything but the picture in front of you and the roar of the surround sound, lending a sleek and modern appearance to even the smallest theatre. Get the best for your space and make tidy up easier than every with help from Advanced Smart Homes.

The smarter choice

When it comes to making your home a better place to be, call in the professionals. Advanced Smart Homes brings years of expertise to your project, ensuring that there’s not a hair out of place on even the most complex jobs.

Make the right choice for your home and speak to our team today. Call us on 0467 483 719 and speak directly to the technicians at our Townsville office, or send us your questions via our contact page and one of our staff will be in touch as soon as possible.